Rules and Regulations

 1. Fair Association reserves, to its board of directors, the right to interpret all rules and regulations and to arbitrarily settle all matters in regard to them all protests must be in writing, must state plainly the complaint, be accompanied by a fee of $10 which shall be forfeited to the Fair Association in case protest is not sustained, and must be delivered to the Board of Directors within 12 hours after cause of protest.

2. In any class where there is no competition, a ribbon will be awarded (if worthy) and second money paid. Unless otherwise stated on Department Rules, two or more entries in a class by one exhibitor will be considered competition.  Additional classes may be added for those items not listed. However, ribbons will be awarded and no premium money will be paid for those added classes. Added items will be considered for the next year’s fair exhibits.

3. Removal of ribbons before exhibits are removed will forfeit right to premium money. 

4. In case all exhibits in any class are inferior quality, the judges reserve the right to place exhibits according to their best judgments. Exhibits are to be brought to the Exhibit Hall from 1:00-5:00 Sunday, Aug. 27th. The board of directors will have complete authority over all exhibits, but in no case will be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur.

6. All exhibits must be registered at the department where that particular exhibit is displayed by the owner. Exhibitors will be responsible for removal of their exhibit.

7. Exhibits may not be checked out until Sunday, September 3rd, between the hours of 1:00 & 2:30 pm.  This pertains to all exhibits with the exception of livestock and commercial livestock.

8. Livestock exhibitors must provide their own labor in watering and caring for their animals and keeping stalls clean.

9. Purchaser of concessions must keep this space in sanitary condition.  Refuse must be placed in garbage cans where the sanitation department may get it with ease.  All food booths must be operated in accordance with sanitary rules and regulations of the State Health Department.

10. The Fair Association will use every means in their power for the protection of the personnel and property of those persons entering upon the grounds either as exhibitors or spectators; however, in no case will they assume responsibility for the safety of either persons or property.

11. Admission at the gates will be $10 per person Tuesday through Saturday.  (Aug. 29-Sept. 2)  There will be no charge on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (Aug. 26, Aug. 27, and Aug. 28). Absolutely no refunds.

12. Exhibits left on the fairgrounds after Sunday evening, September 3rd will become property of the Fair Association and will be disposed of in any manner it sees fit.

13. The Fair Association will not tolerate dangerous animals on the grounds or mistreatment to the animals.

14. Soliciting on the fairgrounds is prohibited by the Fair Association, except by special official action of the Board of Directors.

15. The Fair Association will provide security.

16. The Fair Association reserves the right to pro-rate premium money in case of insufficient funds.  All checks for premiums must be cashed within 60 days of date.

17. Hostesses have complete authority while Exhibit Building is open.

18. Commercial exhibitors will not remove exhibits before 10 pm on Saturday, September 2nd.

19. All youth livestock must be in exhibit space at 6 pm Tuesday, Aug. 29th.

Commercial livestock must be in spaces by 6 pm, Wednesday, Aug. 30th.

20. Livestock may be removed at 1 pm, Saturday, September 2nd, or when released by the livestock exhibit chairman.

21. No motorbike or ATV riding on midway or fairgrounds, except by fair officials.

22. No private vehicles will be permitted to park on Midway.

23. Animal exhibitors must keep area clean around animals or forfeit right to show.

24. All workers in the exhibit barn are volunteers.

25. Any exhibit which is not listed in the book can be displayed at the fair; however, no premium will be paid.

26. Commercial livestock exhibitors - $5.00/$3.00 entry fee cattle/small animal per head. Bedding must be provided by exhibitor.

27. Any 4H/FFA market animal not eligible for the 4H/FFA market animal auction must be removed from the fairgrounds by noon on Saturday August 30th.

28. The Barbour County Livestock Association reserves the right to limit livestock numbers.

29. The health regulations promulgated under the authority of Chapter 19, Article 7 of the Code of West Virginia apply to the Barbour County Fair.  A copy of the interpretation of the rules as they apply can be secured by writing to:  Barbour County Fair, PO Box 87 Philippi WV 26416 or by calling (304)823-1328.  The Barbour County Fair Livestock Sale for the 4-H and FFA animals is set for 7:30 pm on Saturday, September 2nd. The sale is sponsored by the Barbour County Livestock Association.  General rules and regulations are in effect in cooperation with the Barbour County Fair Association, WV Dept. Of Agriculture, WVU Extension Service, Josh Peplowski, Ext. Agent, Barbara Wolfe, WVU Program Asst., Barbour County Commission and Barbour County Parks & Recreation.


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